Classic Biscuits 1.36kg

As we continue on our mission to provide natural treats for Canadian dogs in an environmentally friendly way, we are excited to announce that we have transitioned our 1.5kg plastic lined box to a 100% compostable 1.36kg bag! Available in our top 5 best-selling recipes, these sustainable bags help to remove plastic waste from the environment, reduce our carbon pawprint and provide you with a better value! 
Northern Canadian Bacon 1360g.png
Northern Pumpkin Pie 1360g.png

Canadian Bacon 1.36kg

Pumpkin Pie 1.36kg

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Northern Peanut Crunch 1360g.png

Peanut Crunch! 1.36kg

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Northern Liverlicious 1360g.png

Liverlicious 1.36kg

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Northern Lamb Berry 1360g.png

Lamb Berry 1.36kg

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Northern Biscuit is available in most major and independent pet specialty stores. We recommend contacting your local retailer to see if your product of choice is in stock, as some locations carry select Northern Biscuit recipes.


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