Classic Biscuits 190g

For smaller dogs with little mouths and big hearts. A mini version of Northern biscuits baked with only the freshest, human-grade meats and ingredients sourced from Canadian growers packaged in 100% compostable bags. These mini 1 gram biscuits also make for a great training treat for medium to large sized dogs at only 3 calories each!
Canadian Bacon 190g.png

Canadian Bacon 190g

Pumpkin Pie 190g.png

Pumpkin Pie 190g

Peanut Crunch! 190g.png

Peanut Crunch! 190g

Liverlicious 190g.png

Liverlicious 190g

Lamb Berry 190g.png

Lamb Berry 190g

Northern Biscuit is available in most major and independent pet specialty stores. We recommend contacting your local retailer to see if your product of choice is in stock, as some locations carry select Northern Biscuit recipes.