If you have any questions, concerns or feedback please do not hesitate to contact our customer service at information@northernbiscuit.ca, we would be very happy to help you!


Online Orders


How long will it take for my order to ship?

We are a small bakery and while we keep busy baking biscuits everyday, we do not keep inventory on hand, this is to ensure that we send you the freshest product possible. You can expect your order to ship approximately 5 to 10 business days after your order is placed.


I have ordered less than 10 business days ago, when will I receive my order?

It takes 5 to 10 business days for your order to be shipped as our products are baked fresh to order. Once your order has been shipped you will be provided a tracking number consisting of the approximate date that you will receive your order.


I have ordered more than 10 business days ago, when will I receive my order?

Please note that our products are baked fresh to order, and depending on the demand and time of season some biscuits may take longer to be prepared and shipped. Once your order has been shipped you will be provided a tracking number. Of course you can always contact our customer service at information@northernbiscuit.ca for an order status.


When will I receive a tracking number?

You will receive a tracking number via email once the order has been shipped.


Where can I purchase your products?

Our products are available in most major and independent pet specialty stores.


You can also purchase our products directly from us through our online store at www.northernbiscuit.ca.


Why are Dental Chews pliable?

Our Dental Chews start off as pliable and become harder with time.

Tip: If you’d like a crunchier treat leave the chews out in the open. In a few days you've got yourself a crunchier treat!


Do you use all natural or regular peanut butter in your peanut butter treats?

We use all natural peanut butter in our peanut butter treats. At Northern we believe that the best treats are the ones that not only taste delicious but are also healthy for your dogs. That's why all our products are made with natural ingredients!


Why apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is a natural preservative we use to help extend the shelf life of our treats. The amount we use is so little that your dogs will not taste it while enjoying our tasty treats.


Can the biscuits be frozen?

Yes, our biscuits can be frozen.

Tip: Biscuit popsicles are an amazing treat for the summer! You can also freeze the biscuits to help preserve the freshness.


Are the biscuits easily broken for a small dog, or for training?

Yes, you can easily break our regular biscuits for small dogs or for training.

Tip: Try our Minis which are smaller versions of our regular biscuits.


Why do the biscuits look different sometimes?

We bake fresh to order in small batches. This allows our bakers to concentrate on quality. You will notice our biscuits can                        sometimes vary from batch to batch in shape and colour. That is because fresh food ingredients can vary from herd to herd,

           crop to crop. No two Northern Biscuits are alike. We kind of like that.

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