Our Values





Fresh Local Meats

& Vegetables

We search high and low for the freshest, food-grade meats and vegetables sourced from Canadian growers. Many of our fresh ingredients are grown within a couple of hours of our bakery. Our meats come in fresh and whole. Our flours are simply milled grains or root vegetables.

You can trust our labels. Our Beef Liver treats are made with fresh Ontario Beef livers, our Canadian Bacon from fresh Ontario Pork. Authentic quality starts with authentic ingredients.

We bake to order in small batches. This allows our bakers to concentrate on quality. You will notice our biscuits can sometimes vary from batch to batch in shape and colour. That is because fresh food ingredients can vary from herd to herd, crop to crop. No two Northern Biscuits are alike. We kind of like that.



Our biscuit packaging is made from compostable, recyclable, renewable Canadian paper, manufactured only one hour from our bakery. This adds value to Canadian resources and employs Canadian workers.

Fun, Productive Work

Our employees have names, not numbers. We still have pizza days for staff birthdays and we like to laugh a lot. This keeps us creative and fresh. The more fun we have, the less work is ... well ... work. We strive to craft our products in the most efficient way possible, while leaving plenty of room for smiles and big ideas.

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