Patty's Fall Picks

Celebrate all things fall with Patty's healthy, delicious Canadian recipes, slowly baked in small batches
with whole barley and rolled oats, handcrafted with love. Northern Biscuits are naturally preserved and packaged in a 100% compostable bag! These baked treats are perfect for treating, rewarding
and bonding with your dog during this fall season.
Pumpkin Pie 190g.png

Pumpkin Pie 190g

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Northern Pumpkin Pie 1360g.png

Pumpkin Pie 1.36kg

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Pumpkin Pie Mini 190g.png
Northern Mini Mix Pumpkin Pie & Peanut C

Mini Pumpkin Pie


Mini Mix Pumpkin Pie & Peanut Crunch 450g

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Northern Turkey Cranberry 500g.png

Turkey Cranberry 500g

Northern Pumpkin Pie 500g.png

Pumpkin Pie 500g

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Northern Biscuit is available in most major and independent pet food retail stores. We recommend contacting your local retailer to see if your product of choice is in stock, as some locations carry select Northern Biscuit recipes.


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