6 Dog-Friendly Ways to Celebrate the Summer Season

With the summer just a few days away, and the warm weather upon us, it is finally time for the dog-owners of the world to celebrate the end of the stir-crazy season. Summertime is perfect for shaking off all of those winter woes, going out, and enjoying the sunshine with our furry friends in tow. The summer is a great time for you and your pup to get out, get active, and enjoy everything that these sun-filled days have to offer. Luckily for us dog-owners, the warm summer weather brings forth endless pet-friendly entertainment possibilities, which will ensure that both you and your dog can make the most out of the season. To get the party started, we thought we would share some of the Northern team’s favourite summer season pastimes:

Go to the farmer’s market! These markets are great for humans and dogs alike, so get lost in the bustle of your local bazaar, eat some amazing food, and find some fun bargains for the both of you.

Walk through a local street fair! Like farmer’s markets, street fairs are the perfect place for you and your pup to socialize, try fun foods, and make the most out of the snowless season.

Get hiking! One of the best ways for you and your dog to enjoy the summer is to embrace mother nature. A hike is the perfect way for the both of you to get lost in the beauty around you, and enjoy some peaceful bonding time.

Go to the drive-in theatre! This is one summer exclusive that just never gets old. You and your friends (both two and four-legged) can enjoy a fun night getting cozy and watching your favourite movies under the stars.

Plan a picnic! Play some music, eat some good food, and frolic in the grass with your furry friend to make the most out of a warm summer’s day!

Go to a dog-friendly beach! A personal favourite… but be warned - once you find a dog-friendly beach near you, there are few things you will want to do other than laze in the sun and surf with your pup.

The summer makes way for some of the best entertainment opportunities of the year, especially when it comes to bringing your dog along for the fun. The warm weather is calling, so pack a day-bag for the both of you, and go enjoy the best that the summer season has to offer – your pup will thank you!






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