Buckwheat Seed Flour - Is it a Grain?

Finding the healthiest ingredients to feed our dogs in order to promote their health and happiness is never an easy task, especially when caring for dogs with allergies or intolerances. We here at Northern have spent the last three decades working to bring together the healthiest (and tastiest) ingredients for even the most food-sensitive of pups. Our Grain Free biscuits combine the best of nutrition and flavour in order to make even the pickiest of eaters happy and healthy, and it is all thanks to our favourite super-food-friend: buckwheat seed flour!

Buckwheat seed flour, as many people with celiac disease out there already know, is one of the most popular grain substitutes available. Given the name, we can see why it may be a bit confusing to use something called "buckwheat" and call it grain-free. The truth, however, is that the name "buckwheat" is actually a bit of a misnomer; buckwheat is a seed, not a grain! Most popular among humans as a gluten-free alternative to regular flour in baking (and pancakes, of course!), buckwheat flour is known to do tremendous things for your dog’s health as well! The "pseudocereal" has been used in human cooking for centuries because of its versatile nature and nutritional benefits… putting it in our dogs’ food and treats only made sense!

While buckwheat may seem like one of the least exciting of the superfoods, we are here to tell you that the inconspicuous little seed packs quite the nutritional punch. One of buckwheat flour’s most significant health benefits for your dogs is its fibre content! As a good source of fibre, buckwheat flour helps maintain your pup’s digestive tract health, especially helping dogs with gastrointestinal issues. The fibre content of buckwheat also helps slow down the absorption of glucose, making it ideal for dogs with diabetes or high blood sugar. Another one of the many benefits of buckwheat flour is that it’s a great source of plant-based antioxidants! This means that a healthy amount of buckwheat flour in your dog’s diet will help ensure they maintain a good strong immune system as they get older.

Buckwheat’s impressive nutritional value does not end with its fibre and antioxidant contents, either. The seed is also a great source of important vitamins and minerals, going even further to help keep your dog healthy and happy. Rich in manganese, magnesium, and potassium, buckwheat flour is great for enzyme functioning, bone and teeth health, and muscle stability. Its Vitamin B-complex content is also great for maintaining a healthy metabolism and good energy levels in your pup! All of these vital nutrients, plus the fact that its protein content is higher than that of grain, makes buckwheat flour a super-food that few other ingredients rival.

Seemingly mundane, buckwheat often flies under pet-owners’ radars. We wanted to let you know, however, that when it comes to the health of your dogs, it is one ingredient that is definitely worth talking about.

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