Doggie Dental Health

Some of the most prominent health issues that dogs of all shapes and sizes face can be traced back to one thing: dental hygiene. As humans, we place a lot of importance on our own oral health – going to the dentist for regular cleanings, brushing our teeth, flossing – the list goes on. What a lot of pet owners don’t know, however, is that our dogs’ dental hygiene is just as important and just as fragile. Now, dealing with doggie dental hygiene is not always a walk in the park – a lot of dogs aren’t exactly eager to have your fingers roaming around their mouths, poking and prodding. However, learning about the importance of oral hygiene for your dog might just make the fussing worth it.

Just like our human teeth, dogs’ teeth are prone to the build-up of plaque and tartar. Excess plaque and tartar, if left untreated, are what go on to cause gum infections and even gingivitis in dogs. As a pet owner, it is important to recognize the signs that something more serious is going on in your pup’s mouth. One of the most common errors that dog owners make regarding their pets is dismissing bad breath as normal and harmless. While your dog’s breath will never smell like roses, noticeably bad breath is often a sign of something more serious going on. Another way to keep track is to look at the inside of your dog’s mouth. Their teeth should be clean, not brown, and their gums should be pink. While a lot of owners tend to stay away from that particular area on their dogs, it is important to keep track, as a lot of the time catching these signs early can help prevent some more serious oral health problems later on.

While it is important to tend to the dental hygiene of all kinds of dogs, did you know that some breeds are more susceptible to dental health issues than others? For example, breeds that have crowded teeth and smaller jaws, such as Pugs, Bulldogs, Malteses, Chihuahas, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are more prone to having plaque and tartar build up which can lead to eventual gum infection and tooth decay. Other dogs are genetically predisposed to having dental health problems earlier on than others such as Greyhounds and Dachshunds. This just means that oral hygiene should be made even more of a priority for these particular pooches so that you both can have a long lifetime of bright puppy smiles.

There are a few ways that you can help keep your dog’s dental health up to snuff, with the most effective being brushing their teeth regularly. Now, realistically, there are some dogs that just will not have intruders in their mouth. If that is the case, there are still ways to help keep your dog’s teeth strong and clean. Dental chews, such as our all-natural Northern Biscuit Bark!’s, do quite a bit to keep a pup’s mouth clean. Dental chews not only help scrape away plaque and soft tartar from the tooth’s surface, but also massage the gums, keep teeth strong, and even act as a stress reliever! Giving your pup a dental chew like the Bark! is guaranteed to keep them healthy and occupied.

Another surefire way to help keep your pup’s mouth clean is to give them hard crunchy treats. Our Northern Biscuits are designed to be crunchy enough that they, too, can scrape away the plaque and tartar, as well as keep your dog’s teeth strong and healthy. This is particularly important as our pups get older since they are much more prone to weak gums and tooth decay! Another reason why crunchy treats like our Northern Biscuits are great for doggie dental health is because they do not leave food residue on the teeth like wet food and treats tend to do. This just means that there is less bacteria build up on the teeth, making them less susceptible to infection and decay.

While doggie dental health can seem a bit overwhelming, once you get into a routine with your pup, you’ll find that it is not only fairly painless, but will help you both in the long run. We are always told that dog mouths are cleaner than humans, but that doesn’t mean that dog mouths are absolutely clean. As dog owners it is our responsibility to help keep our pups as healthy as we can and one of the best ways to do this is to recognize the importance of dental health.

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