Happy Earth Day!

The month of April brings on a lot of exciting changes; the birds start chirping, the snow (if we're lucky) starts melting away, the flowers start budding, our dogs can finally go outside and shake off some of that Winter restlessness, and the whole world seems to start slowly waking up again… even if it is all under the cover of some pretty significant rainfall. It only makes sense then that April, a month of regrowth and renewal, is also our designated Earth Month. Earth Month is a time when eco-friendliness is not just appreciated but celebrated! Like the beginning of the New Year, Earth Month is a time to make some resolutions on how to adopt a more eco-friendly mindset, and how to incorporate some eco-friendly practices into our busy day-to-day lives. That’s why we here at Northern Biscuit wanted to talk about 5 easy ways that can help us all become a little bit eco-friendlier this Earth Month!

1. Buy bulk

In the age of online shopping and consumer convenience, it is easy to get lost in heaps of plastic packaging. Buying bulk helps cut out some of this packaging, and reduce our own personal waste production.

2. Start a compost

Like buying bulk, composting helps reduce our trash production, while at the same time providing some welcome fertilization for all you green-thumbs out there.

3. Limit shower time

We all like a nice hot shower to wake us up on those early mornings or to help us chill out after particularly long days, but limiting shower time is a simple way to cut down on water and energy usage!

4. Opt out of junk mail

Opting out of junk mail is an easily miss-able eco-friendly practice that will cut down on your waste production AND on the headache of having 50 different flyers crowding your mailbox each week.

5. Buy Northern Biscuit!

This last tip is a way that both you AND your pup can help celebrate Earth Month. Northern packaging is 100% compostable and therefore a great way to treat your pup and help reduce plastic waste at the same time!

This Earth Day we can all try incorporating little changes like these into our routine that can greatly impact the world we live and play in. Earth Month is a great time for us all to help keep our planet healthy and happy for ourselves, our family members (both two and four-legged), and our future. So from all of us here at Northern, Happy Earth Month!






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