Here Comes the Sun (and the Shedding) – Spring Cleaning Tips for People with Pups!

Alright everyone… Open up your windows, let the breeze flow through the house, take a deep breath in. We have all officially survived the winter. As relieved as I am sure you are to see the sun shining and the flowers blooming, I can promise you that there is someone who is even more excited about the change in seasons – your dog. With Spring comes park time, play time, running time, and tummy sunning time. Spring always brings on that excitement and desire for all things new and fresh. This means that it’s none other than Spring Cleaning time!

Spring Cleaning is as important to your dog’s health and happiness as it is to your own health and happiness! So we put together a few tricks to make the whole process easier and the payoff that much sweeter. Whether or not you are rearranging things inside or refreshing things outside, here are some ways to make the most out of the Springtime with your furry friend.

One of the most pressing parts of Spring Cleaning when you have a dog is the inside of your house. Us dog-owners know the perils of a shedding Winter coat, and a cooped up pooch. To take advantage of the fresh Spring air make sure to:

· Replace or clean your dog’s bedding! You’d be amazed at how much fur and dust can collect on those seemingly harmless beds over time, so it only makes sense to keep them as fresh and clean as you would your own bed. Your pup will thank you.

· Replace or clean your dog’s collar! If it hasn’t been cleaned or changed in a while, that’s a good way to get your dog Spring-ready! It’s an oft forgotten little trick, but it will do wonders for your dog’s hygiene.

· Don’t over-bathe! Remember that bathing your dog super often is not the best way to keep them clean and get them ready for the sunny weather. In fact, excessive baths can do more harm than good as they dry out their skin and coat. Instead of bathing them after every romp in the yard, try to:

· Give your dog lots of good brushings! This will help prevent fur from their Winter coat from getting all over the house, their beds, and their collars. It will also help keep them clean between baths.

Unfortunately, it’s not only the inside that needs a good tending to during a dog-owner’s annual Spring Cleaning. Outside there are many plants and chemicals that pop their heads out when the weather gets warmer that are a lot more harmful than people with pooches often realize. This means that for the safety and overall wellbeing of your four-legged friend, after doing a thorough cleaning inside, it’s a great idea to:

· Do a safety check outside! Keep an eye out for things such as insecticides, harmful fertilizers, and plants like Daffodils and Hyacinths which can all be harmful to dogs. These are all too common when the sun comes out and the weather gets warmer.

Finally, among all of these tasks that are crucial to a proper Spring Cleaning for pups, it is always a good idea to treat your dogs with some Northern Biscuits to usher in the warm weather and Spring celebrations. Try our brand new Poutine Biscuits for a fun and healthy snack between all the cleaning and rearranging. It’s a great way to keep spirits and energy up in you and your dog’s home in this bustling busy time.

Happy Spring Cleaning!






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