“Mais, où est la poutine?”

Well, it’s official. We made it. Open your windows and let that sunlight hit your face. It is finally Spring. After what seemed like an eternal winter, we here at Northern are celebrating the incoming warmth and sunshine by shaking out the cobwebs, putting our dogs’ little Velcro booties back into the closet, hanging up those winter jackets, and indulging in some good old Canadian comfort food. That’s why we are talking to you today about our brand new Poutine biscuits!

As a Canadian company we love to embrace all things of the True North, and what better way to celebrate Canadian pride than with what is often considered to be our national food! Poutine originated in Quebec in the 1950s and surprisingly did not have that stellar of a start on the international culinary stage. In fact, the Quebecois delicacy was often mocked by outsiders! However, Quebec recognized the importance and beauty of the traditional fries, cheese curds, and gravy and kept churning out some of the most delicious poutines to date! Eventually the rest of Canada caught on, and it was around the mid-2000s when poutine started getting the recognition it deserved – it even became a point of cultural pride! Poutine popularity boomed and now there is no shortage of the tasty treat. With the surge of positive reception, poutine even started getting fancy new makeovers with restaurants all over the country adding things like bacon, chicken, sausage, and all different kinds of sautéed veggies. They even started playing around with some swankier add-ons like lobster (thank you, Chuck Hughes), caviar, and foie gras! Surprisingly, some places even make their poutine vegetarian or vegan! I promise it is better than it sounds. All of this to say that there is now a poutine out there for everyone – and that includes your dog.

Our new poutine biscuits are even made to look like the famous food with fry-shaped cookies and all! And here is the best part – while us humans may like to splurge once in a while with some not-so-nutritious cheat foods, your pups don’t have to worry. Our poutine biscuits are only 9 calories per biscuit meaning they have all of the fun and none of the guilt. We here at Northern want nothing but the best for your dogs – both in taste and in nutrition – and that’s why we came up with these hearty and healthy new treats.

Seeing as it is the end of April, and we just passed Earth Day, we thought it was good to mention that not only are these poutine biscuits healthy for your pup but they are healthy for the environment as well! Like our other products, our Poutine biscuits come in our famous kraft compostable bags. So it’s safe to say it is a win-win for us all.

To celebrate our new Poutine treats we are going to be stopping by one of the many poutine fests across the country – the Toronto Poutine Fest – this May! So stop by to say “Hi!” and give our brand new Poutine biscuits a try! Your dog will thank you. For information on the festival, be sure to check out and remember you can always check out our Poutine biscuits and every other one of our products at!

Happy Spring snacking everyone!






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