Maple Madness

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

For Northern Biscuit, one of our many points of pride is our dedication to being 100% Canadian in make and personality. With fresh locally sourced ingredients, our biscuits combine health and Canadian living in the most delicious way possible for your pups. The iconic Canadian style that Northern Biscuit holds up in every aspect of our company can be seen in our Canadian Bacon biscuits, with their unique combination of bacon, blueberries, and most Canadian of all, maple syrup. Maple syrup, known as being a staple of Canadian culture, is one of the sweetest parts of life and history in the country that we at Northern call home. In fact, according to, 71% of all maple syrup in the world comes from Canada, with 91% of that coming from Quebec alone! This means that among many other things, Canada has truly perfected the art of maple flavour. This is proven in its success and cultivation of culture in places like the city of Montréal, with the ever-growing popularity of maple cafés, Cabanes À Sucres (Sugar Shacks), and even entire restaurants dedicated to the flavour throughout the province – but more on that later.

When taking a stroll through the crowded cobble stoned streets of the beautiful and historic Old Montréal, the impact and intrigue of maple syrup becomes quite clear when you come across an entire café and shop dedicated to maple products. Délices Érable & Cie is a prime example of the maple trend that swept the nation so long ago with no signs of slowing down. Within this tourist destination, maple is the original pumpkin spice, with it’s warm drinks, desserts, butters, spreads, and of course, syrup, all dedicated to the rich Canadian flavour.

When looking at this well-known café it becomes clear that maple can never be overdone. Through the exploration of this location, and businesses similar to it that rely on the Canadian flavour to draw a crowd, our Canadian Bacon biscuits become a clear contender in the maple market. With its sweet, rich, and inviting aroma and taste, the maple syrup in our biscuits proves that our canine friends do not have to be at a disadvantage for the food they eat, nor do they have to sacrifice taste for health.  We at Northern Biscuit believe that if this wonderful Canadian delicacy is delicious and high-quality enough for us, it is definitely delicious and high-quality enough for our furry family members.

-Emily Grillo






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