Moving with Dogs

We all may hate to admit it, I know I certainly do, but the end of summer is rapidly approaching. Although I am of the mindset that one should milk the summer months for everything that they are worth by not acknowledging September’s existence until it is, in fact, September, there are a few big changes that come with the cooler months for which we must prepare. Along with school, work, and a lack of days off to soak in the sun, often comes the inevitability of packing up and relocating (especially for those students out there!). While many of us have to say goodbye to our childhood home AND our childhood pets when we move out for school, there are quite a few lucky folks that take their pets with them as they begin their new adventure. That is why we thought it would be a good time to go through some of the essential tips and tricks to surviving a season of change with your pup. While moving can be an exciting fresh start, for us dog-owners it also means managing the stress of relocating with our four-legged friends. It may not be the easiest of ventures, but we are here to share the small ways that will make this exciting new chapter as seamless as humanly (and canine-ly) possible.

One of the essential things to keep in mind when planning a move with a pup is that there are a lot of ways to prepare BEFORE the actual move so that when the big day comes everything runs smoothly. For example, in the days leading up to the move make sure to give your pup lots of good exercise. This will help tire your dog out so that they are more relaxed and potentially more at ease in the face of change. It will also help keep them calm and more comfortable if they have to be in their crate or in a confined space while the move is underway. Another way to prepare beforehand is to pack your dog’s things last. This way they can stay comfortable and stress-free for as long as possible leading up to the day. Keep their favourite toys and bed out until the day of the move so that they have more time to relax and calm down in their element.

Doing your research beforehand about the area you are moving to is another one of the most important ways to prepare you and your dog for a move. Take a look at the dog-friendly restaurants and cafes near your new digs so you know where you can stop in with your pup in the future for refreshments! Look to see where the closest local dog parks are so you both can start making new friends and feeling at home in the new neighbourhood. It is also important to look is where the best local vets’ offices are. While this may not be as fun as looking up new dog-friendly places to explore, it is crucial for when the time does come for your pooch to get looked at post-move.

While all of this preparation before the actual day of the move is very important to ensure that your dog will have as stress-free of a time as possible, the move itself also tends to bring up some challenges for dog-owners. In order to combat some of the obstacles that you are bound to face when it comes time for you and your furry friend to hit the road, here are a few surefire tricks to keep in mind. The first is to keep your dog confined to an area in the house with their bed and toys on the day of the move as you are leaving (or even have them do a day trip to a dog-sitter) this way they aren’t able to escape through open doors with all of the commotion going on around the house. It is also important to plan for a longer trip than the move would take without a dog tagging along. Give yourself plenty of time for pit-stops along the way to make sure you and your pup are comfortable and calm.

Now, once you get all moved in there are still a few things to remember to make sure your pooch settles in nicely to your new pad. Make sure that amongst all the unpacking and exploring and change, that you both maintain a similar routine to the one you had before you moved. That means keeping your walks and meals scheduled to roughly the same time as they would be in the old place. It also helps to keep some unwashed dog blankets and beds around that have the smell of your old home. This sense of familiarity will help your dog settle in and adapt a lot quicker to the new space. Our final tip to complete a hassle-free move with your pet is to update their dog tags as soon as you move in to your new place. With unfamiliar territory there is a better chance of your dog getting lost or trying to make their way back to the old house if they accidentally get loose. This way they are easily identifiable even in a new part of town.

While it may seem like a lot to remember, these little tricks will make a world of difference for both you and your dog while embarking on this new adventure. The both of you will be able to enjoy the excitement without the lingering sense of unease or anxiety that so often accompanies big moves. Just make sure that after all is said and done, you let your dog know they did well (even if there are a few speed bumps along the way, as there are bound to be), with some Northern Biscuits as a reward. With our savoury (and nutritious!) flavours like Canadian Bacon, Poutine, Pumpkin Pie, or even Craft Beer, your dog will be thanking YOU for making the move totally worth the effort. You can check out those and all of our other Wheat and Grain-Free treats at It’s a great way to give your pup a pat on the back for their companionship and cooperation throughout this exciting new time in both of your lives.

Happy Moving!






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