Some Holiday Cheer with Craft Beer (Biscuits)!

We Canadians love cottages, kicking back, and cozy nights in with friends. So it’s no surprise that we also just happen to love our beer as well – and we have the breweries and microbreweries to prove it! Just last year the country had a total of 775 breweriesand the number keeps climbing! But you know what else we Canadians love? You guessed it.  We love going to cottages, kicking back, and having a cozy night in with our four-legged friends too.

Now, as much as we would love to bridge the gap, most of us know you can’t exactly crack open a cold one with your dog… That’s where we come in! What if we told you there is now a way for your pup to join you in enjoying the deliciousness that beer has to offer? Just this year Northern rolled out our brand new Craft Beer Biscuit for just that reason – and a few pretty important health reasons as well.

Our Craft Beer Biscuits boast both the great taste of beer and the nutritional value that your dogs deserve with our main ingredient: spent grain.  Spent grain is what is left behind in the beer-making process at brewing facilities and this byproduct is not one to just be thrown away. Spent grain is high in both fibre and protein making our Craft Beer Biscuits the best boost to your dogs digestion and diet.

In addition, spent grain is a great source for phenolic acids which work as antioxidants in your pups body, ensuring that they eat healthily and stay healthy.  This basically means that our dogs’ way of enjoying a nice beer on the weekend is a heck of a lot healthier than our own way of enjoying beer – and they don’t need anything labeled ‘light’ to do it!

Now, with the holidays rapidly approaching, us dog lovers want nothing more than to let our pups partake in some holiday cheer. Our Craft Beer Biscuits make for one yummy gift, and you can pick some up for your furry friends and your friends’ furry friends here!

So, it’s time to kick back and crack open a cold one with your friends – two-legged and four-legged alike – and from all of us here at Northern Biscuit:

Happy Holidays!






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