Something Grain Free This Way Comes – Bison with Blueberries

Hello again – Northern Biscuit here to welcome you back to the daily grind of the non-holiday, sugarless, workout-filled rituals of life! Now, I’m sure I am not alone in the sentiment that very few things seem even remotely worth not pressing the Snooze button on my alarm clock a million times the first few mornings back from the relaxation filled last two weeks of the year.  But one thing that does give me reason to celebrate the whole day through is the promise of a delicious and healthy New Year for my favourite furry friends too! That is why we are starting off 2017 the right way, with the formal introduction of our new Grain Free Bison with Blueberries treats made specifically for your pups in mind! In traditional Northern Biscuit Blog fashion, I am here to guide you through the beauty of bison and blueberries with an action-packed blog to go with one action-packed treat.

Let’s get started with the main event – the bison, of course! Now this meat holds no lack of pure unadulterated greatness in everything that it is. For one thing, for a type of meat, bison provides several times more nutrition than the other meats in its class with significantly less cholesterol, and fat!  In fact, bison can provide your dog with as much omega -3 fatty acids as does salmon, which is around 6x more than other grain-fed animals provide. We’ve discussed omega-3 fatty acids at length here but they are just too important to glance over.  These fatty acids provide extensive measures in the way of skin health, kidney health, and heart health! It’s the gift that just keeps on giving.  In addition to our friendly neighbourhood omega-3 fatty acids, bison acts as an excellent source of iron and zinc! Iron – our blood cell saviour, and zinc – our immune system powerhouse, both contribute to the extended health and well being of your dog, while lowering the possibility for potential health risks later on.  If the meaty goodness of bison isn’t enough to convince you that these treats are the best of their kind, allow me to further prove the wonders of our new Grain Free features.

Next up on the list of greatness that accompanies this new flavour is its blueberry blast.  This tiny vibrant fruit holds quite the health infusion as is explained in our blog post “The Blueberry and the Beast” but I will leave no stone unturned here and will reiterate the wonders of this small but powerful superfood.  Blueberries do such great things for your dog’s health, it’s a wonder they are not in every single food our little four-legged friends eat! For one, they are an excellent source of vitamin C, which with its antioxidant properties, boosts the immune system health in your pup! With the improved white blood cell function and activity it provides, vitamin C is crucial to the core functions of a dog’s immune system. In addition, blueberries are a great source of vitamin K, making sure that the blood health of your pup does not stop with white blood cells! Vitamin K is important in allowing for proper blood clotting within the dog’s system, making sure their body is working like a well oiled machine. Finally, blueberries keep the healthy goodness coming as they present a wonderful source of fibre to promote the health of your pup’s digestive system, allowing them to enjoy what they eat, and feel great after!

To round off the brilliance of our Bison with Blueberries, I present to you the final of our ingredients, and the ones that provide the backbone for all of our new Grain Free treat options – chia seed, flax seed, and buckwheat flour! Although these three players have been explained over and over again, it is always important to highlight the reasons why we will never stop raving about them. These three provide a combination and boost of even more omega-3 fatty acids and fibre that further enhance every inch of health that these treats are bound to bring your puppies in this new year.

That is all I have for you today in the way of nutritional goodness, but fear not – I will be back soon with our final addition in this Grain Free saga. Today, I leave you with our Bison with Blueberries treats, and the beauty they hold.  Also, don’t forget that if shopping seems tiresome after this draining holiday season, you can always purchase our new Grain Free Junior and Minis line as well as any other of our wide range of treats for your pups online at

Until next time,

-Emily Grillo






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