Something Grain Free This Way Comes – Duck with Tart Cherries

I’m going to have to start this post off with some bad news – this blog post is the last post in our Something Grain Free This Way Comes segment. I guess time does really fly when you’re having fun, because let’s be honest with each other… What is more fun than food? I personally like to project this human obsession with deliciousness onto our perfect little pups back home, and in effect have no choice but to assume they are pretty devastated by the end of this segment as well! Such is life, and in order to finish this segment off with a bang, we are going to use this last ingredient round up from our new Grain Free Juniors and Minis line to highlight one of our most interesting and exciting flavours to date! So without further ado, I would like to formally introduce our new Duck with Tart Cherries flavour! 

Let’s get this party started with the main event, the duck! Now the duck we here at Northern Biscuit use is no ordinary duck. This duck is food grade Ontario-local meat and the quality shows in the benefits it will have for your pooch.  Did you know that duck is often used in food for dogs with allergies? The high protein meat is said to be easier to digest than more common meats like chicken and is therefore highly recommended for pups with sensitive diets! In addition to this very important digestive feature of the meat in discussion, duck is a great source of all kinds of minerals as well! With a list that consists of iron which is great for getting oxygen to the blood, zinc and vitamin b-6 which provide an immune system boost that can’t be beat, and phosphorus which is key to maintaining bone health in dogs, duck provides such a wide variety of health benefits that it seems that all of your dogs bases are covered in this one delicious meat! But even with the well rounded health benefits of duck meat, we here at Northern Biscuit tend to be a tad extra at times, and added a boost of excitement with some tart cherries!

Tart cherries sound like an odd thing to add to your pup’s diet, but just hear me out! They actually provide amazing health benefits that a lot of the more common fruits fail to deliver! For example, the tart cherry holds one of the highest antioxidant values of all the fruits and vegetables that our furry friends eat (which is a lot of fruits and veggies if you stick with us). This antioxidant value provides both impeccable support for your dog’s immune system AND anti-inflammatory properties that are said to greatly reduce joint pain from conditions such as arthritis in young and old dogs alike! And just to top it off, these antioxidant properties also help with skin and coat health! I really was not kidding when I said all of your dog’s bases are covered in this one funky treat.

Finally, it would be a cruel deprivation to fail to mention our ever loyal team players that go into all of our new Grain Free flavours, flax seed, chia seed, and buckwheat flour.  Any gluten-free human would swear by these three wonder foods, and I am here to vouch for their importance in the diet of our furry counterparts as well! These three provide sources of omega 3 fatty acids to further pamper your pups skin and coat we well as fibre to ease all digestive woes accompanied with existing in this crazy world. These three are the real MVP’s in the grain free world, and should be recognized as such.

Now, as this segment draws to a close, I will mention that all of these amazing flavours that we have highlighted over the past several weeks, as well as all of our other exciting treat options for your pups are available for online purchase at!

So, until next time, delve into the Grain Free world that has been sweeping the pet industry as of late, and enjoy our brand new Juniors and Minis lines! You and your four-legged friend cannot go wrong – the proof is in the blog post.

-Emily Grillo






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