Something Grain Free This Way Comes – Salmon With Kelp

It’s that time of year again – a time for dry skin, hibernation cravings, and the winter blues. While we can drag ourselves out to the nearest Lush Cosmetics store, binge eat some pad thai, and watch holiday movies to get us out of the cold weather funk, our four legged pals don’t have the same luxury… That is where we here at Northern Biscuit come to the rescue! With the introduction of our brand new Grain Free Junior and Mini lines, comes the introduction of a warm and exciting change to your furry friends’ diets this winter.  With five new flavours coming your way, we are going to take you through the highlights of each of the recipes that are guaranteed to make your dogs’ mouths water, but I’m going to give you a fair warning – once we get into the goods, I can’t promise that you won’t want to sneak a taste as well! To start off this series of fresh new treats for your pups the first flavour we are going to dive into is our dry skin saviour, Salmon with Kelp! 

This savoury new flavour combines the power of fibre, protein, and fatty acids to make one mega-healthy treat! Let me break it down for you. The five main ingredients in our new underwater winner are salmon, kelp, flax seed, chia seed, and buckwheat seed flour.  Sound like some health food green smoothie concoction? That is because it’s not far from it! When your dogs first take a bite into their new Salmon and Kelp biscuits they will have a mouth full of omega-3 fatty acids coming from the fish, chia, and flax! This is tailored to pampering your pup, soothing their skin and giving them a shiny coat that will put your winter parka to shame.  Not only will your furry friend look great and healthy, they will feel healthy too!

In addition to emphasizing healthy skin and coats, our Salmon and Kelp powerhouse combination uses its buckwheat seed flour, kelp, and flax to provide a kick of fibre to your dog’s diet, making digestion issues seem like a thing of the past.  To keep the good things coming, all of those seeds that we’ve been mentioning? Turns out they do a lot more than sound nice.  Their antioxidant properties go as far as to improve your pups immune system, making them feel great now, as well as help prevent potential health problems as they get older.

So there you have it! Our Salmon with Kelp treats are jam-packed with a health and deliciousness that just wont seem to quit! With the introduction of this flavour as well as the other four brand new Grain Free Junior and Mini treat flavours (with their information to come soon!), we know that your dogs will be as excited about tasting them as we here at Northern Biscuit are about making them. Stay tuned for information about our other four new Grain Free flavours, because there’s a lot more where all of this healthy goodness came from!

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Photo courtesy of Courteney Crump and Charles Dickens the Dog from Ottawa, ON, Canada 

-Emily Grillo






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