Something Grain Free This Way Comes – Venison with Apple

As we move along down our list of brand new Grain Free flavours in our new Juniors and Minis lines, we now have reached the point in the series where we thank our lucky stars for being a born and bred Canadian company.  Why, you ask? Well, being here in this wonderful, crazy, cold country that we here at Northern Biscuit call home, gives us direct access to some of the highest quality ingredients in the pet industry! Our next flavourful entry in our new Grain Free lines proves this point so perfectly, you will join us in bowing down to the wonders of Canadian resources. So without further ado, we present to you (rhymes are fun): Venison with Apple!

Lets break this powerhouse combination down for you in the best way we know how – with cold hard facts, and a side of charm.  To kick off this flavourful fiesta, let’s begin with the big kahuna – venison! Say “Bonjour, ça va?” to this fresh Quebec-raised addition to our ingredient roundup, as it makes its way into your pup’s tummy and heart.  The first valuable fact about this wonder meat, is the source it comes from. Our venison meat comes from a farm in the mountainous regions of Quebec, where nature and the woods run rampant, allowing the best possible environment for the animals our dogs rely on for sustenance to be raised.  With permanent access to excellent water sources and pastures, we make sure that the meat that goes into our treats is of top quality. And the pros don’t just end there! Venison in general has so many fantastic assets that create the healthiest of snacks for your furry family members. Not only does venison have less fat and less cholesterol than other meats that are so often found in doggy diets, it is also the second healthiest meat for your dogs heart health in general, falling second only to our reigning champion – fish, of course! In addition to this source of heart happiness, venison is also high in B vitamins, and iron!

Now, here at Northern Biscuit, we always appreciate quality meat, but do you know what we appreciate even more? Healthy balance.  This belief is why we keep the good times rolling by adding Ontario apples into the mix, for a fresh, fun, and most importantly healthy flavour punch! They say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and I would just like to say that whoever ‘they’ is sure knew what they were talking about! Apples provide so many health benefits to your pampered pup that the list can make you dizzy! So let me take you through the awesomeness slowly – first of all, apples provide excellent care for bone health in dogs via the high levels of calcium and vitamin K that these popular fruits contain.  Apples are also known to be a great source of vitamin C, providing your pup with antioxidants, and immune system boosts that will blow you away.  To top off the benefits of the common fruit, your dogs will also have an outstanding source of pectin to help regulate their digestive systems and allow them to feel as good as these treats taste!

With the addition of our old friends chia seeds, flax seeds, and buckwheat flour which all provide our fuzzy friends with all of the omega-3 fatty acids and fibre that they could ask for (if they could talk, that is), our new Venison with Apple Grain Free treats prove that dog biscuits rarely get healthier and heartier than this!

And with that I leave you until our next ingredient roundup from our brand new Grain Free Juniors and Minis line hits the web. Until then, don’t forget to tide yourself and your pups over by visiting and ordering any of our products online today!

Holiday-treat-ready Mason & Bentley from Brantford, ON

Happy Holidays to you and your four-legged friends from us here at Northern Biscuit!

-Emily Grillo






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