St. Paw-trick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday that really isn’t all that difficult to fall in love with. This day of Irish pride is everyone’s favourite opportunity to put all of the hustle and bustle that March offers off for a weekend to kick back with friends and family… whether you are technically Irish or not! It is an especially welcome celebration here in Canada, when the winter just won’t seem to let up, and the snow keeps coming by the foot. After what seems like months of overcast skies and hard work, it becomes necessary to take part in some light-hearted and high-spirited festivities!

As much as we here at Northern love St. Paddy’s Day, we just wouldn’t feel right passing one of our favourite holidays without our furry four-legged friends joining us in the fun. With all of those long arduous walks, time-consuming daytime naps, and of course those dreadful afternoons when practically every squirrel in the neighbourhood is taunting them from the living room window, it’s no surprise that dogs need some time to kick back and let loose too! While your pup may not be able to partake in ALL of the St. Patrick’s Day festivities with you, it doesn’t mean they can’t do a little celebrating of their own.

How, you ask?

Well, every good St Patrick’s Day celebration starts with a little green, of course. When you’re searching for the perfect “Kiss me, I’m Irish” graphic tee, take a couple extra minutes to find something fashionably festive for your pup! From four-leaf clover covered bandanas to tiny leprechaun hats, there are tons of ways for your four-legged family to join in on the excitement (and the silliness).

Once you’re both decked out in your green gear, hit the streets! St. Paddy’s Day is always chock full of parades and parties. You and your pup are bound to bump into some similarly dressed friends of both the human and dog variety when you’re out on the town. A lot of festivities even take place in parks around the bigger cities, making it the perfect party for all species! What better way to be social than with your best furry friend at your side? Bonus points if your pup happens to be an Irish breed, like an Irish Wolfhound, or an Irish Setter! While there are no rules about who can participate in St Patrick’s Day, it sure does make it a little more exciting to sport some authentic home country pride!

Now, of course St. Patrick’s Day is probably most known for the non-pet friendly partying that goes on in those pesky human-only pubs. In fact, it’s likely that most establishments will not look kindly on you smuggling your pooch into a bar, no matter how snazzy he may look in his miniature shamrock sweater. That being said, while you may not be able to bring your pups into the pubs, there is still a way for you both to enjoy the classic St. Paddy’s Day delight: beer! Our craft beer biscuits are a safe, healthy, and delicious way for your pups to celebrate the weekend with you while never feeling too left out of the fun. While you enjoy a nice cold drink with friends, your four-legged companion can also partake in some good old fashion Irish cheer.

Our Craft Beer Snacks brilliantly displayed by our friends at Doghaus Montreal

To make the most out of this St. Patrick’s Day weekend with your pup, check out our Craft Beer biscuits at! Finally, and most importantly, be safe and have fun!

From all of us here at Northern Biscuit,

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!






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