The Blueberry and the Beast

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Blueberries, in their popularity and presence in the food industry, are often overlooked as a fruit that needs no more explanation than it has already been given. We here at Northern Biscuit are here to show you, the lovely fellow pet owners of the world, why that is incorrect.  To say that blueberries are good for humans and dogs alike would be to sound like a broken nutritionist record, and that is why we are here to highlight the beauty of blueberries that may be overlooked in the every day praise they receive.  Blueberries provide a needed  burst of colour to the seemingly dull world of animal nutritional facts.  Blueberries may seem like a pretty simple fruit at first glance, with very little new and exciting substance to offer, but this, my friends, is where we are all proven wrong (myself included, as I detested blueberries for the majority of my childhood and adolescence).

This fruit that is widely loved by people and pups all over the world (again, I did not fall into this category for a very long time) is taken a lot more seriously than one may see at first glance with its impeccable nutritional value. Did you know that there are several blueberry councils, yes, you read that right, across North America, with one very prominent one residing in British Columbia?  These blueberry councils focus time and energy on the harvesting and selling of these wonder berries, in addition to making them a part of each community that the councils represent!  I’m not sure how one gets to be a part of a Blueberry Council in their professional life, but whatever it takes, sign me up! I think it’s about time they had a dog food and nutrition specialist sector in the council.

Blueberries have quite the long list of nutritional values. In fact, the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council lists blueberries as being a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, and fibre! It would seem that the berries prove to be just as powerful for humans as they are for the pups that walk through life along side them.  These health benefits are the reason why we load several of our dog biscuit flavours with blueberries, so that the nutrition goes right from the fruit to our dogs’ bellies.  Our Canadian Bacon, Glazed Duck, Grilled Bison, Smoked Fish, and Lamb Berry biscuits all feature the fantastic fruit as one of their many nutritious and delicious ingredients.

There is a scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (both the original Gene Wilder classic, and the somewhat creepier Johnny Depp remake) in which one of the children turns into a blueberry (an ingredient in the candy she coveted so fiercely), but that is where Roald Dahl got it all wrong.  It would seem that too much of blueberry can never be a bad thing. So, if wanting the first-rate fruit in every dog biscuit is wrong, we at Northern don’t want to be right, and one thing is for sure – we will never stop gushing about blueberries.

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-Emily Grillo






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