The Holidays Have Gone to the Dogs!

The stretch between Thanksgiving and the winter holidays can always seem like a long one. The weather gets colder and colder by the day, the work keeps piling on, and the demands of real life become somewhat exhausting as the year comes to a close. Now that December is here, we can finally take a much deserved break from the chaos and enjoy some of life’s simpler pleasures. One of the best ways to unwind from a busy year and make the most out of the snow days and cozy nights in is to enjoy them with your very best four-legged friends. The winter holidays provide you with the time to enjoy each other’s company and take adventures that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy. In order to make the holidays with your pup the best yet, we wanted to give you some ideas of what you and your dog can do to ring in the holidays this year!

Christmas markets

If you’ve ever been to a local Christmas market, you know that amongst the crowds of chilly people with smiling faces, there are always those Christmas sweater-clad pups with wagging tails. Dog-friendly Christmas markets are perfect for spending time outside with your dog but still getting to enjoy the holiday spirit at its most extraordinary. The sounds of carols weaving through the crowds and specialty food booths creates a winter-wonderland like no other for you and your furry friend.

Nighttime neighbourhood strolls

Any dog owner will know the frustration and general dread of having to take your pup out for walks in the blustering wind and snow. While we do anything for our dogs, we don’t always necessarily enjoy layering up over our comfy holiday clothing, bundling our pups up in coats and boots, and venturing out into the Canadian cold. The holidays, however, create a world outside that makes it all worth it. Take your pup out at night for a long walk to gaze at the snowy Christmas light-covered streets. These quiet, calm moments are perfect for some whimsical bonding time with your best four-legged friend.

Christmas tree shopping

While all of these holiday activities seem to warrant a picturesque snowy film-set-like evening, where the stars and twinkling and the lights are shining, there are tons of outdoor winter activities to enjoy with your dog during the day! Christmas tree shopping is one of the most fun family events of the year, choosing the perfect centre-piece for your home for the holiday season. Try bringing your dog along for the ride this year, and see how much fun it can be watching them frolic among the trees and people. Dogs can enjoy the holiday preparations just as much as we can!

Pictures with Santa

One of the best ways to enjoy the holiday spirit with your dog is to partake in some indoor Christmas fun in your community. An increasingly popular trend is to bring your pup along to take pictures with the man of the hour himself – Santa Claus! There are tons of dog-friendly malls and community centres that will let your furry friend join in the fun and create lasting memories with both the two and four-legged members of your family!

Cuddle time

Finally, the last - and in our opinion best - way to enjoy the winter holidays is to cuddle up with your pup in front of a nice fire and just simply relax. With the chaos of work, school, and responsibility that floods your consciousness every day throughout the year, it is important and always rewarding to enjoy the peace and quiet with your dog, taking a moment to truly relish in the holidays without the pressure of celebrating or socializing.

The holidays are our favourite time here at Northern Biscuit, so sharing some of the ways in which we make the most out of the winter break is our way of spreading that joy. That and providing your pups with some tasty treats that will make their holidays all the more memorable. If you’re in the market for some last-minute gifts be sure to check out to order some of our favourite holiday snacks like our Pumpkin Pie or our Turkey Cranberry biscuits for some tasty and nutritional holiday cheer!

From all of us here at Northern Biscuit,

Happy Holidays!






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