The Importance of Meat Snacks in your Dog’s Diet

We here at Northern know better than anyone that being a dog-owner is not always that easy. Making sure that our dogs are happy and healthy, receiving the best nutrients and highest quality foods, and enjoying themselves can seem like a lot to balance. We find that one of the best ways to ensure your dog’s healthy development and happiness, is to keep a healthy dose of meat in their diet. Just like humans waking up to the smell of crackling and crispy bacon in the morning, most dogs go crazy for the taste of meat. The good news is that meat is actually a pretty important part of your dog’s omnivorous diet!

Meat is a natural part of a dog’s diet. Our fur-babies’ ancestors scavenged for sources of protein in the wild, with meat being one of their best finds!

Meat is very high in protein. While protein can be found in lots of plant-based foods, meat is one of the best sources of protein in a dog’s diet, helping build, repair, and grow muscle tissues to keep them strong and healthy.

Meat maintains your dog’s protein levels. Dog’s cannot store protein all that well in their bodies, so having meat in their daily diet is a sure-fire way to ensure that they are getting the healthy amounts of protein that they need to preserve their energy levels and strength.

Good quality meat has high nutritional value for dogs. Meats like beef and lamb are full of essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals all which help maintain your dog’s overall health and wellbeing.

There’s no treat like meat! Good quality meat strikes the balance of being both a high-reward treat for your pup as well as a great source of nutrition.

Few things get a dog as excited as a good piece of meat - and with the health benefits it provides, why deprive them? With the relaunch of our Soft & Chewy Treats, Northern is bringing forth a line of meat-first treats that are sure to send your dog’s tail a-waggin’. Our Canadian Bacon with Blueberries, Beef Liver, and Lamb Berry Soft & Chewy Treats all provide great sources of the highest quality meats, while remaining low-calorie, grain free, and all natural.

These, along with our Pumpkin Pie Soft & Chewy Treats are all available at, so check them out and let your dog indulge in one of life’s tastiest and most nutritious ingredients!






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