Treat Us Like Garbage – Our Eco-Evolution

As humans, we are often faced with the reality of our impact on the environment, as we try our best to be the best citizens of this planet we can be. Here at Northern, we understand this desire and struggle to be better to our planet, and always seek to improve ourselves and our product. This past August, we decided it was time to take further action in the fight for our environment, and reduce our Carbon Paw-print with a brand new look to boot. I’m here to tell you a little bit about one of the most exciting projects the Northern family has taken on – our brand new compostable packaging!

With our ever-present love of the compostable kraft-paper bag we figured it was about time to take our environmentally friendly operation even further.  We teamed up with a local company to ensure that our bags now not only have a compostable outside but a compostable inside as well! That’s right, we switched from a pesky plastic lining to a lining made of a biodegradable plant-based material called PLA!

PLA (or polylactic acid if you want to get technical) is completely compostable because it is made from all-natural renewable resources. What are these all-natural renewable resources, you ask? Corn! Yes, you read that right. That barbecue staple we know all too well? Now it acts as a home for your pup’s favourite snack, keeping it fresh and helping save the planet all at the same time. I must say – a vegetable has never looked so good.  PLA is made from cornstarch, and can therefore completely decompose! When PLA decomposes it returns to natural compounds that cause no harm to our already exploited environment, making it a pretty wonderful replacement for something that would normally end up sitting in a landfill.

Not only does PLA biodegrade to natural compounds, but its manufacturing process requires significantly less greenhouse gas emissions, making it environmentally friendly from the second the corn is harvested to long after your favourite four-legged friends have enjoyed a delicious snack!

In the pet industry, we are often so focused on making sure our pups are healthy and happy that we forget about keeping our planet healthy and happy as well. Animals are not unlike humans in their ability to cause quite the stir in our ecosystem, with their eating habits and lifestyles causing a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions as it is. Now with the new green development here at Northern, we are helping ensure that both the pups and the planet are as healthy and happy as can be without compromise. So go ahead, treat us like garbage, and have your furry-friends enjoy the same great Northern taste with the added bonus of helping improve the wonderful world we live in while they do.

Don’t forget – you can always go to to pick up any of our products any time, and make sure to check back here in a of couple weeks to hear all about another exciting new development we cooked up here at Northern!

Until next time,

Emily Grillo






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