Vegans, Vegetarians, and Coffee- Oh, My!

Here at Northern Biscuit, we have a passion for the new, trendy, fun, and most importantly, the healthy.  This passion is why we embrace the ever-growing trend of veganism that seems to be sweeping the nation among humans and dogs alike.  Being vegan means not consuming any form of animal byproducts, and has been gaining popularity because of the attention it pays to the treatment of animals, as well as its health benefits.  Northern Biscuit has taken to the trend of veganism with our three completely vegan flavours: PB Banana Copacabana, Pumpkin Pie, and Peanut Crunch!  These tasty and healthy treats prove the power of veganism, and show why it has become such a popular lifestyle choice throughout the last few years.  This vegan trend has come so far, in fact, that it has manifested itself in the pet industry in such a way that has humans and dogs sharing their vegan and vegetarian diets in the company of each other as well as other friends.

It was a rainy windy day when I made the trek to discover a place that made every soaking wet piece of clothing worth it.  Le Doggy Café in Le Plateau in Montreal provided enough warmth and friendliness to make the cold and rain disappear before your eyes as soon as you entered.

The spacious café provided a vegan and vegetarian menu for both humans and dogs, with a side of fun, friends, and more treats that prove to make the day of anybody walking through those doors.  With dishes like Kale Salads to Quinoa Burgers, and desserts to make your mouth water, Le Doggy Café provided a yummy experience for pups and people like no other.

With room for your four-legged friends to roam freely, you get to kick back and relax with a delicious meal, cup of coffee in hand (or a warm Chai Latte if you are like me and prefer the sweeter things in life) with the company of dogs of all different breeds running around, playing, and socializing, keeping you equal parts excited and at peace.

With a focus on both the happiness and health of the dogs and their owners, Le Doggy Café hit the nail on the head on how to do vegan and vegetarian themed fun for all. The innovative establishment proves the merit of being vegan, with a dash of smiles to boot, with the warmth of the staff, customers, and furry friends radiating from the building.  Le Doggy Café has definitely not seen the last of this Northern Biscuit family member because veganism and vegetarianism has never tasted so good.

-Emily Grillo






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